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The Darling of the Chain Gang

Thoughts from down the line

the darling of the chain gang
19 November
in this journal i will screw far less women than henry miller, have less witty things to say than dorothy parker and occasionally fantasize about hypothetical "samuri meets the lone ranger" episodes.
2k tshirts, abandonment, acid tongues, acting, adventures, amélie, architecture, art, art films, audrey hepburn, austin healeys, bette davis, bhp, big sunglasses, bjork, black and white film, brazillian jazz, breaking kneecaps, brie, brit invasion, buster keaton, chloe, clubs, cocktails, coleridge, contemporary art, culture magazines, daisies, dancing, deconstruction, design, design magazines, dorothy parker, driving, elevator music, european culture, fashion, fashionistas, fellini, fiction, film, film noir, fire-escapes, french music, french new wave, gamine, girl gangs, gtfu, hitchcock, interior design, intimate circles, japanese pop culture, jerry uelsmann, jesus and mary chain, jetsetting, jeunet films, laura owens, lavish parties, literature, los angeles, louise brooks, lounge music, marc jacobs, martinis, modern art, mum, muscle cars, music, nabokov, new wave, new york, nick drake, orchids, performing, philosophy, photography, pilates, pills, polish posters, pop culture, pop-art, promiscuity, pulp, punk, quiet, raymond chandler novels, reading, record albums as art, record collections, sarcasm, scruffy guys, self-indulgent design books, silent film, singing, snobbery, st. etienne, stilettos, style, subculture, sushi, the 1920s, the 1960s, the beatles, the clash, the hollies, the kinks, the ramones, the smiths, the stooges, the strokes, the threat of hollywood, trashy friends, twiggy, urban fiction, urbanity, vegan cookies, vintage couture, warhol, warm diet coke, webdesign, wh auden, wit, writing, yoga, yoshitomo nara